Ferrari US has invited customers of the new four-wheel drive four-seat Ferrari FF, due to go hit US showrooms later this year (early 2012 in Australia), to take part in a special winter driving program to learn more about the FF and driving on snow and ice.
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The program aims to increase driver skill in snowy and icy conditions and also give owners a chance to appreciate the full potential of the new all-wheel drive FF. The program will take place in Aspen, Colorado - where esle? - and will be similar to the 'Pilota on Ice' driving program already offered to buyers of the FF in Italy.

Each driver will be able to take in the sights of Aspen while testing out the new FF on specially made courses. The drivers will also learn more about the FF's technical side and safety technologies under guidance from professional Ferrari driving instructors.

There's been a lot of positive hype surrounding the Ferrari FF's four-wheel drive system, with almost every international review praising its incredible grip and impressive 4RM torque distribution.

Programs will run for up to seven weeks, kicking off in January, and will be available in limited numbers.

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