The all-new Ford Focus Electric will be offered with a solar charging option designed to offset its energy consumption and make it an entirely clean and renewable mode of transport.
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Teaming up with SunPower Corp., Ford Motor Co. in the US will offer the innovative sustainability program to all Focus Electric customers at a base price of less than $US10,000 ($9500). Ford says this price includes federal tax credits, and could be pushed down further with local and state rebates and incentives.

The package includes a 2.5kW rooftop solar system, which includes SunPower E18 Series solar panels. The system produces an average of 3000kWh of electricity each year, approximately enough for a driver to cover 1600km per month.

Owners can track the performance of the solar system over the internet or on an iPhone application.

The first examples of the Ford Focus Electric will hit US showrooms later this year. Ford Australia has flagged its interest in the all-electric model, but is yet to commit to an introduction or on-sale date.

Ford director of global vehicle electrification and infrastructure, Mike Tinskey, said the solar recharge system was a core element of the brand’s new ‘Drive Green for Life’ program.

“Focus Electric owners can reduce their total cost of ownership by generating enough energy from their high efficiency SunPower rooftop solar system to offset the electricity required to charge the vehicle at night,” Mr Tinskey said.“It’s an eco-friendly solution that perfectly complements our plug-in products and other green initiatives.”

The SunPower system will also be compatible with the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, which is set to join the Ford US line-up in 2012.

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