Audi has been spotted gallivanting about in a busy mall in the centre of Berlin in what is believed to be an Audi E1 e-tron city concept. Audi hasn't revealed any details of the car, but it is expected to be unveiled at next month's 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
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Two videos of the photoshoot/publicity stunt have been posted on YouTube showing the concept wearing typical disorienting zebra exterior paint. Reports say the Audi E1 e-tron concept uses an electric-only drivetrain - also evident by the car's silence - with a battery stored in the floor of the car and the electric motor mounted at the rear axle, powering the rear wheels.

Inside, the strange-looking buggy concept is believed to showcase a two-seat layout with the passenger placed behind the driver. It's unknown how much interior space is available but judging by the size and proportion of the concept in the videos below, Audi is focusing on a strict micro city segment layout.

The new concept is also said to be one of the first of Audi's new 'E' e-tron branding structure. The new brand is thought to eventually spawn an Audi E2, E3 right up to an E8, all sticking to the green, electric power theme.

This Audi E1, if that's what it ends up being named, is very likely to be unveiled in full at next month's 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. These videos could prove Audi is after some quick and easy publicity leading up to the event. Have a look below and tell us what you think of the concept. Would you like one parked in your driveway?