Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is trying to make it illegal for backpackers to sell their vehicles on certain streets in Sydney.
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Ms Moore introduced a Private Members Bill into Parliament last week. The Lord Mayor says she is concerned about backpackers who are taking advantage of legal loopholes and parking on city streets for extended periods as they try to sell their cars before they leave the country.

“Residents are sick and tired of people using Victoria St, Potts Point and Brougham St, Woolloomooloo as a car sales yard,” Ms Moore said.“This bill will give councils the legal powers they need to stamp out the practice.”

She said council rangers spent an average of 80 hours per week patrolling Victoria St and Brougham St. She said up to 35 vehicles were up for sale on Victoria St, and said the problem was even worse in the months around summer.

She said the bill would allow councils to put up signs stopping the sale of vehicles on certain roads.

“Put simply, it’s about freeing up limited road space for residents, businesses and visitors,” Ms Moore said.“We welcome backpackers and international visitors but we also have a responsibility to ensure their actions don’t unfairly impact local residents and businesses with anti social behaviour, excessive rubbish, noise and lack of parking space.“Backpackers should use normal commercial channels to sell their vehicles like everyone else and the City of Sydney is also looking at ways to help them do this.”

The bill will be debated in Parliament over the coming weeks.

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