The car advice team has returned home from a successful trip to the brink of the Simpson Desert with two Aston Martins. While our video team edits the footage for what should be one of our best video reviews yet, we thought we'd share some more photos:
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(Getting ready for our drag race).

Matt building a road for the DBS to climb - we find this photo a little suspicious!

Matt Building a road for the DBS

DBS drives past at speed

DBS flying

Anthony can't stop waving his hands...

Tony can’t stop waving his hands

We stop briefly to take some photos with the locals.

Aston Martin DBS with camels

What a road! This is why we travelled over 2,000kms!

Aston martin DBS on red sand

Matt's dirt road pays off as we drive the Aston up high for some photos.

DBS up high

The scenery says it all (spot the Vantage!)

Aston martin DBS on red sand

Driving hard into a corner... the noise.. oh the noise...

Hard cornering DBS

Anthony and Matt wondering if Alborz plans to come back with the DBS

Really up high!

After our two day stay, the car's are back on the truck and we head to Mt Isa.

Car’s back on the truck and we head to Mt Isa

Our video should be ready in a few weeks, but the written review will be online within the next week.