Lexus LFA Roadster planned for 2014

Lexus first unveiled the idea of a Lexus LFA Roadster back in 2008, revealing a concept version, but now reports suggest the idea is back, with speculation pointing to a 2014 release date.
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According to an Automotive News report, a plan to bring Lexus and Toyota sales back up and above the German big hitters is underway. Engineers and executives at Toyota/Lexus have said Lexus needs to develop more lively products and remove some of the numbness from its sedans. One way it plans to achieve this is through the launch of the new Lexus GS, which is promising to be something a little more special than the previous generation.

Another way to help bolster Lexus appeal is to release a Lexus LFA Roadster - a car that will surely get pulses racing. The report says once the current run of 500 coupe versions of the LFA is finalised, and after a year break on production, Lexus will start to produce a Lexus LFA Roadster which will be ready by 2014.

The Lexus LFA Roadster is expected to come with the same 4.8-litre V10 engine producing 412kW of power at an ear-splitting 8700rpm and 480Nm of torque at 6800rpm. Lexus Australia recently said 10 Lexus LFA vehicles are headed for Australia, but all of them have been accounted for. Each car was priced from $700,000.