The potent little BMW 1 Series M Coupe has only just been launched in some international markets, yet over-enthusiastic drivers are already losing control of them. Up to four crashes involving the car have been reported around the world in just the past couple of weeks.
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The first incident happened to a Korean man who simply put his 1 M into the wrong place at the wrong time. Another motorist came through a red light, ploughing into the limited edition model.

The second incident occurred in Poland where the driver lost control of the 250kW rear-wheel drive coupe on a narrow road in the wet, sending the car into a spin and into some roadside shrubs. The damage, fortunately, looks mostly cosmetic.

The third crash was a little more severe. It happened in Switzerland after a 25-year-old driver lost control on a wet mountain road on a Saturday morning. The driver escaped without injury, but according to reports a 21-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries. By the looks of the poor 1 M below, the car also suffered some nasty chassis, wheel and steering damage.

The most recent crash to be reported is perhaps the most serious. It involved two cars on a street in South Africa. It's unknown at this stage what caused the accident but according to reports, and very fortunately, nobody was injured. Although, the severity is pretty high judging by the deployment of several airbags.

All these crashes got us thinking (apart from the first incident in Korea), is the BMW 1 Series M Coupe perhaps too wild to be wearing the seemingly innocent 1 Series badge?