Lamborghini Gallardo spontaneously combusts

An unfortunate driver in Scotland has had to jump from his Lamborghini Gallardo after noticing smoke pluming from the car over the weekend. The smoke then turned into a raging fire. As hard as the driver tried to extinguish the flames, the Gallardo could not be saved.
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(image courtesy of Daily Mail)

According to reports, the owner was driving in the Scottish mountains when he noticed smoke coming from the rear of the car. He managed to pull over in front of the Fort William Hospital to fetch a fire extinguisher.

The owner attempted to put out the fire, but by then it was too late. Fire departments eventually did put out the flames but left nothing but a burnt out wreck, only slightly resembling a Gallardo.

According to a Daily Mail report, a witness said the Gallardo was up in flames within minutes:

"We came round the corner and drove past it as it had just started smoking. Within two minutes, there was a lick of flames and within five minutes it was totally ablaze. The owner just stood by holding his head in his hands. I've heard of money to burn but this was ridiculous."

The Gallardo fire is actually the second one to have occurred in just one week. The previous incident happened in Norway at a local McDonald's restaurant. There has also been a collection of Lambo fires in the past year, could we see a repeat of the Ferrari 458 fires leading to a recall?