It's 5pm in the afternoon and I am writing this in a quiet little internet cafe at Mt Isa, patiently waiting for Anthony Crawford, George Skentzos and Matt Brogan to come back and pick me up before we head to dinner with the man from Aston Martin. Yes, we are, as I like to say, in the middle of no where, but we are here for a reason.
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Over the next three days we will be driving two Aston Martins, the unstoppable DBS and the V8 Vantage. We are the first Australian media outlet to drive the DBS in Australia having already briefly driven the DBS in the UK.

So what do you do when you have two days with two of the world's best looking cars? Head north, to a small town called Boulia.

Road to Boulia

The town is 300 kilometres south of Mount Isa and 370 kilometres west of Winton. According to the locals, Boulia is the centre of a prosperous beef and wool industry and it's western boundary marks the eastern edge of the mighty Simpson Desert.

We have secured a small runway where we will be doing most of the filming, make sure you check back over the next three days as we bring you pictures and a travel log of our journey to outback Australia with two Aston Martins.

So far we have landed safely, secured our DBS and Vantage and gearing up for tomorrow. Stay tuned...

Alborz Fallah.