Toyota Camry best-selling Australian-made car

Many would assume the honor of being crowned Australia's best-selling locally-produced car would be a photo finish between the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.
Toyota Camry best-selling Australian-made car
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However according to figures released today by Toyota, the best-selling Australian-made car is in fact the humble Camry sedan.

A record 111,891 Camry sedans were produced last year at Toyota's Altona plant in Melbourne's west making it the only Australian built car to exceed annual production of 100,000 vehicles.

Toyota Camry best-selling Australian-made car

From this total, less than a quarter actually found their way into Australian households with over 85,500 being exported and sold in more than 20 countries.

Despite this, the total local sales of 26,300 vehicles still made the Camry the country's best-selling mid-size car - more than doubling its nearest rival.

Now Toyota has added to the appeal of its four-cylinder Camry range with the new Ateva L special-edition model, which features more than $2000 of equipment for no extra cost.

Toyota Camry best-selling Australian-made car

This special-edition model will feature leather seats and door trim, 17-inch alloy wheels, a lip spoiler and badging whilst retaining the same $33,750 price tag as the standard Ateva.

Toyota has also made a running upgrade to the Camry Grande, adding 17-inch alloy wheels as standard with no change to the $39,990 price tag.

The Toyota Camry is the only four-cylinder car produced in Australia and has been our best selling mid-size car for the past 14 years.