Bowler supercar SUV for the road

Range Rover-based off-road racing specialist Bowler has announced it is planning to release an SUV model for the road. The car will be based on the Range Rover Sport, like existing racing-type Bowler products, and is being dubbed as a 'supercar SUV'.
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Bowler's new managing director, Steve Haywood, has said one of his first tasks will be to develop a fourth-generation of the Bowler model to succeed the Bowler Nemesis. He says this will include the development of a road-going version. Haywood says there is demand for a road-going product, saying in a recent Autocar report,

"We have a tremendous opportunity. Bowler has generated huge interest in past years for a street-legal version of the competition cars. But we’ll begin work on any new model quite slowly, taking care with its positioning and specifications, keeping all the recognition devices to maintain the pedigree, and listening carefully to the customer’s requirements."

Haywood sees a production run of around 150 to 200 road versions being built per year, a big step up in production from the current 15 to 20 Bowler rally raid vehicles that are currently being produced.

Land Rover will continue to leave Bowler to it, but the company has said it is happy with how the specialist modifies Land Rover products.

Pricing for the road going model is expected to kick off at around the £150,000 mark (around $223,000).

What do you think? Would you like a tough, rugged sports SUV for rallying down to the shops? Feel free to give us your thoughts below.