Range Rover Evoque convertible on the way?

A number of international reports are circulating at the moment, pointing towards the possible production of a Range Rover Evoque convertible. Range Rover has only just launched the conventional Evoque in international markets.
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According to a report by Auto Express in the UK, Range Rover is indeed thinking of developing a new drop-top version of the highly hyped Evoque. Since the SUV is already available as a two-door coupe, the platform does lend itself to such possibilities. Talking with Auto Express, a spokeswoman for Range Rover revealed,

"A convertible Evoque wouldn’t be the maddest brand extension. It isn’t a totally crazy idea,” she admitted. “All I can say is watch this space. We’ve got lots of ideas for the Evoque."

Rumours say the new variant would use a soft-top roof mechanism. One of the main attractions to the Evoque is the fact that it is available in both two and four-door guise, providing a package for practicality and one for the more sporty buyer. A convertible version would extend that versatility.

Of course, it is all still a bit of a rumour at this stage but if it does see the light of day it would rival vehicles like the Nissan Cross Cabriolet, which is a convertible version of the Nissan Murano only sold in the US.

What do you think? Should Range Rover cut the top off one of the most highly anticipated SUVs of this year? Or is it a silly idea?

(image courtesy of Auto Express)