Goodyear History Video

This Goodyear video is brilliant – 113 years of history in under three minutes. If only high school had been like that...
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It's a pretty cool wrap-up: Everything from the birth of the company in 1898 to its 2009 role in designing the Spring Tyre for the Moon with NASA.

A few of the highlights: Goodyear tyres helped make the Model T Ford, the world’s first mass-produced car, a success. (Even if it was available only in black.) The company also developed the Lifeguard system in 1934 – with a patented secondary tube inside the tyre that helped maintain control in the event of a blowout.

Going fast? You bet – in 1964 Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America cracked 600mph (about 1000km/h – a serious speeding fine) running on Goodyear tyres. The company also provided the tyres for mankind’s most outrageous off-road adventure by fronting the tyres for Apollo 14’s Lunar Rover moon buggy. It’s also responsible for the first radial tyres ever to go on a commercial aircraft, as well as capturing the F1 chequered flag no less than 350 times by the time 1997 had rolled around.

Excellent historical snapshot – if you’re into that kind of thing.