Some may remember last year when a number of Chrysler workers were spied having 'refreshments', including ones that needed to be lit, in their lunch breaks and then returning back to work to assemble cars. Chrysler responded by dishing out instant dismissals. Chrysler workers have just been caught in the act again.
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Spotted by spy cameramen in September last year, the workers were filmed during their lunch breaks having a beer or two and smoking marijuana before returning back to the job. Chrysler executives weren't too happy about the fiasco especially as it was a major Fox News story, plastered all over the news. It appears the exact same thing is happening again.

A FOX 2 Detroit has been out with the cameras this time and has spotted a number of employees drinking on the job. Chrysler has responded by enforcing suspensions to at least nine workers without pay while further investigations are completed. Chrysler has issued an announcement about the matter, saying,

"To date, all nine employees have been suspended indefinitely without pay pending further investigation. While the evidence seems conclusive, the Company needs to act in accordance with corporate policy and the terms of the collective bargaining agreement before further action is taken. The investigation is ongoing."

Take a look at the Fox 2 report below for more details on the incident. What do you think, is this an issue that is perhaps more widespread than it seems? Should harsh penalties be enforced at all costs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.