Alfa Romeo US return pushed back to 2013

Alfa Romeo has pushed back its promised return to the US market from 2012 to 2013. The Italian brand hasn't had an official dealership in the country since 1995.
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Despite CEO of Fiat - owner of Alfa Romeo - Sergio Marchionne announcing in 2010 that a return would happen in 2012, the official return isn't set to happen until at least half way through 2013.

When Marchionne said the brand would return in 2012, he probably didn't mean that only a few cars would return, but that's what the latest plan entails. Just a handful of special edition Alfa Romeo 4C coupes are scheduled to hit the market in late 2012, marking the re-entry into the USA.

The actual brand return, with mainstream cars and dealerships, will kick off with the new Alfa Romeo compact SUV crossover in mid-2013, followed by a sedan variant of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This sedan is apparently what is causing the latest delays. According to a report by Automotive News in the US, Marchionne has rejected design proposals for the hatch-based sedan three times in the past 18 months.

The US market is able to purchase a brand new Alfa Romeo right now, so long as it is an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Selected Maserati dealerships around the country have been selling the vehicle since it was launched, and have sold around 100 examples.

When the time finally comes, the Alfa Romeo brand will officially be sold through selected Fiat dealerships.