2007-2009 Hummer H3 recalled in Australia

The Hummer H3 has been recalled in Australia over a potential wiring defect affecting the indicators.
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In total, 1951 Hummer H3 vehicles produced between 2007 and 2009 have been recalled to correct the safety defect, including 1837 vehicles in Australia and 114 in New Zealand.

The official recall notice published on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website explains:

“In affected vehicles, the front indicator lights and rear indicators (if a trailer is towed) may not warn the vehicle operator if an indicator bulb may not be operating.”

GM Holden was responsible for the distribution of Hummer when the brand was launched in Australia in 2007.

GM Holden spokesman John Taylor said the issue could only arise when a trailer was being towed.

Mr Taylor explained the wiring defect could mean the driver is not alerted with a dashboard notification if the indicators fail to illuminate.

He said the only Australian report of the incident was on a limousine conversion model.

“They might have made changes to the wiring, we’re not sure,” Mr Taylor said.

GM Holden has received no complaints from owners of unmodified vehicles.

The recall repair – which will involve a reworking of the main engine wiring harness – will take about 90 minutes and will be completed at no charge to owners.

GM Holden is contacting all owners at their last known address by mail. Those after more information are encouraged to contact the Holden recall and rework assistance hotline on 1800 632 826.