The Atlanta Police Department is investigating whether two officers were at fault when they allegedly handed out tickets to illegally parked cars, then parked in the spaces themselves to grab lunch.
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Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta was alerted to the story by a man named Oscar, who filmed the scene on his phone.

Oscar (who did not want to be identified further) can be heard in the video arguing with the police: “You parked on the street to go get your lunch and you was going to write us a ticket?”

“She was actually writing tickets and once she got everyone else moved they parked and went in and got something to go,” Oscar told Channel 2.

The video shows the confrontation intensified when the two officers returned after lunch.

“They said ‘yeah we work for the city, these are city cars and we can do that’,” Oscar said.“You think they were just moving people so they could park, that's exactly what they were doing, so they could park.”

Atlanta Police Department representative Carlos Campos said an investigation of the allegations was underway.

“Our Office of Professional Standards has opened an investigation into this matter to determine whether the officers’ alleged actions violated any departmental policies.”