Kate Middleton's Volkswagen Golf on eBay

A 2001 Volkswagen Golf once owned by Kate Middleton could fetch more than $45,000 when it is sold on eBay this week.
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(image courtesy of INS News Agency)

The now-Duchess of Cambridge bought the Indigo Blue Golf in 2001 and racked up around 60,000 miles (96,600km) in it. In 2009, her brother James sold it to the father of now-21-year-old Sonny Brazil for around £1400 ($2120).

After visiting an auction house and learning that the car could be worth as much as £30,000 ($45,400), Mr Brazil decided to take good care of it and has only added about 2500 miles (4000km) to the odometer.

Mr Brazil found a pair of sterling silver cufflinks in the car after he purchased it, which is believed to belong to either Prince William or Kate’s brother James.

Mr Brazil initially planned to sell the cufflinks with the car, but now says he will give them back to the Middletons, believing they have personal value to the family.

The 2001 Volkswagen Golf is a 1.4-litre petrol model with a manual transmission.

The auction is set to end on July 24, and currently the bidding stands at £20,500 ($31,030). You can view the eBay listing here.

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