Lamborghini is suing a restaurant and car showroom on the Las Vegas Strip in the US for using a logo which is allegedly too similar to the company's raging bull logo.
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Lamborghini lawyers filed the lawsuit against Dal Toro Exotic Car Showroom, Dal Toro Merchandise Gallery and Dal Toro Il Ristorante Italiano on Wednesday. The shops are all located inside the Palazzo Las Vegas Resort.

According to reports the manager of the businesses was unaware of the lawsuit and thought it lacked any level of seriousness.

Lamborghini says the businesses are using an imitation of the traditional Lamborghini logo for market leverage, and are using Lamborghini's reputation to promote the businesses.

Some of Lamborghini's lawsuit statement was published in a recent report by The Las Vegas Sun:

"Brashly, defendants prominently display a large and striking Lamborghini bull-in-shield protected design mark at the entrance of defendants' premises and a Lamborghini protected type mark within defendants' exotic car showroom."

The statement goes on to say that the use of the logo is

"part of a sophisticated and elaborate scheme to target Lamborghini, to create products that are similar in appearance to well-known Lamborghini products, and to trade upon the goodwill and reputation associated with Lamborghini and its high quality, distinctive product lines, including by deliberately misleading the public and the trade as to the authenticity, source, affiliation or sponsorship of defendants’ operations and products."