Honda Australia 2006 Sale Figures

VFACTS figures released yesterday show Honda sold 54,202 units in 2006, surpassing last year’s record by 7,201 units with growth of 15.3%. Honda finished the year with a passenger vehicle market share of 7.3%, (up from 6.1%), an SUV share of 6.2%, (up from 5.4%) and overall share of 5.6%, almost a full one percent increase over 2005.
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As usual the Honda Civic was Honda's leading car with 13,536 sales, of which 815 were Hybrids. The Honda CR-V also enjoyed one of its most successful years with 10,069 sales, closely followed by the Accord Euro 10,013.

“In January last year we set ourselves a challenge; to continue our run of record sales. And thanks to the sustained commitment by Honda Australia staff and our dealers we have achieved an outstanding result. But it’s our customers I most want to thank, in helping us achieve this magnificent result”. Honda Australia General Manager - Sales, Nigel Brownscombe said,

I would be keen to see if Honda starts introducing some more sport cars to its range, such as the Type R Civic. Either way 2007 will undoubtedly be another good year for Honda. The breakup of Honda Car Sales for 2006 are below:

  • Jazz 9,441
  • Civic 13,536
  • Accord Euro 10,013
  • Accord 6,702
  • Odyssey 3,002
  • Integra 610
  • S2000 30
  • CR-V 10,069
  • MDX 558
  • Legend 241
  • Honda 2006 Total : 54,202

Its actually interesting to note that 30 Honda S2000s were sold. For a car that hasn't really changed all that much in the last 7 years, its a great achievement!