Video: Haltech Nissan GT-R dragstrip

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is well known as the fastest accelerating car in its price bracket - even more so with a few after market additions.
Video: Haltech Nissan GT-R dragstrip
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It is certainly interesting then to see how the new Nissan GT-R - sporting only an Australian-developed Haltech ECU - performs against a highly tuned version of its local rival.

Australian tuners Haltech managed a spectacular 11.1 second run from its lightly modified 2008 GT-R at Western Sydney International Dragway over the weekend.

Independent tests of the Nissan GT-R have managed a best time of 11.6 in completely standard form.

Apart from the ECU, the entire car is in showroom condition running full weight with a stock exhaust on regular 98 RON unleaded petrol.

Regulations outline cars which dip below the 10.99 second mark down the quarter mile require a roll-cage to compete again.

Usually this requires substantial modifications but in this case of the invincible GT-R a new ECU is all it took to tease the 10-second barrier - and by an Australian tuner no less.

Source: GTRBlog