Citroen Australia Continues To Grow

Since I talked about the success of Lexus in 2006, its only fair we give some attention to our French friends over at Citroen. Citroen has been quietly achieving a great deal in Australia as it has expanded its sales once again for the tenth year in a row.
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2006 saw Citroen's sales grow by 16.7 per cent with a total sales figure of 3,507 cars for the year. This sets a new all-time sales record for Citroen in Australia. (more VFACTS figures available here).

We plan to see further significant growth in 2007,” explains Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroen in Australia. “We will continue our policy of taking Citroen into new market sectors and adding significant new models to our range during 2007, as well growing the sales of our existing award-winning range.

This year Citroen will enter the people-mover market for first time in Australia with the Citroen C4 Picasso. The new model will be ready and on display at the Melbourne International Motor Show in March.


One of the reasons Citroen has done so well in the last few years is due to Diesel powered cars. The French have a quirky way of never giving up on Diesel cars and through Citroen's continues research and development, Diesel cars have gained a new image of reliability and even sex appeal!

80 per cent of Citroen C5 sales in 2006 were Diesel. In 2007 Citroen will add a new range-topping high performance Twin Turbo Diesel version of the C5 and a self shifting gearbox version of the Citroen C4 to its range.

The Citroen C4 HDi Turbo Diesel has already surpassed our expectations in manual form,” says Miles Williams. “With the arrival of a self-shifting version of the C4 HDi, we fully expect it to replicate the sales success of the diesel C5 sedan and estate. The rapid increase in diesel sales in 2006 and the self-shifting gearbox should enable the diesel C4 to become the best-selling version of the C4 range.”

2007 seems like its going to be a good year for all the luxury importers!