A senior police officer in Western Australia has been caught by a multanova speed camera exceeding the speed limit twice on the same strip of road while on the job. Investigations are now underway to try to determine if the speeds were warranted given the jobs he was attending to.
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The officer was allegedly caught doing 125km/h in an 80km/h zone by a multanova device, and then again doing 134km/h by the same device in the same 80km/h zone. The officer then notified his superiors as to what had happened.

Acting Commander for Regional WA, Lawrence Panaia, said the officer has done the right thing by notifying higher authorities. Panaia said in a recent ABC report,

"This has bypassed what you would call the normal process in that if you had driven through a multanova at that speed you would still be waiting for your ticket."The reason it has been so quick is that the officer declares that this is what happened so we have commenced the investigation straight away."

It's unknown what kind of job the officer was attending to during the incident, which occurred about two weeks ago, but according to reports, the officer self-assigned the job and its priority. The officer was also travelling alone and did not call the job in.

Authorities will be investigating if the speeds were too fast for the circumstances. Police have said officers need to gauge their own speed to the job at hand, accordingly.

The police officer's sirens and lights were on at the time.