Mazda planning RX-7 revival by 2012

Mazda is expected to launch its next-generation of the much-loved turbocharged RX-7 performance car by 2012, according to a report published by RoadandTrack magazine.
Mazda planning RX-7 revival
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The RX-7 rebirth is a must for Mazda, with the affordable sports car market from Asia set to make a long awaited return with cars like the Nissan 200SX, Hyundai Genesis Coupe and 'Toyobaru' Coupe.

The current RX-7 is still a modern and highly sought-after sports car despite its age, and as the rendering above demonstrates, the new model will draw its inspiration from Mazda concepts such as the Kabura and Furai.

Mazda planning RX-7 revival

The new model is expected to be powered by the new 16X rotary engine, an evolution of the current Renesis 13B engine found in the RX-8.

In its naturally-aspirated guise the 16X rotary engine is expected to produce around 150-190kW with improved low-end torque.

Mazda planning RX-7 revival

However sources indicate Mazda is still experimenting with forced-induction - determined to meet emissions regulations which faulted the RX-8's turbocharged ambitions.

The new RX-7 is likely to share an extended version of the platform used by the MX-5, already a great formula for performance dynamics.

Mazda planning RX-7 revival

The best part is that eager to compete with the next generation of budget Japanese sports cars, Mazda could release the RX-7 for as little as USD$30,000 in the States.