Ford Performance Vehicles – The Wait is Almost Over
Ford Performance Vehicles – The Wait is Almost Over
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Only one more sleep until we get to drive the very latest in local high performance cars – the new range of Ford Falcon based Ford performance Vehicles, but already we have all the technical information on the cars.

In a move mirroring the FG Falcon range FPV has changed its nomenclature for the latest range of cars, simplifying it down to GT and F6, gone are names like Typhoon, although the utilities retain the Pursuit and Super Pursuit tags.

And it also revealed a surprise new top of the range GT-E, which is very obviously developed from the FG Falcon’s new range topping G6 model.

2008 FPV GT-E

Announcing the new range last night in Port Macquarie on the New South Wales coast FPV General Manager, Rod Barrett, said it was important to note that the new cars were safer, more powerful and yet more fuel efficient.

“Our latest generation of engines deliver the ideal combination of real world performance, driveability and fuel efficiency. Power and torque have increased across both engines, while improvements to engine refinement and fuel efficiency are also key components of the new FG range."

He added that FPV had spent more than two years and 29,000 engineering hours designing, validating and releasing its new generation F6 and V8 engines - the 310kW F6 and the Boss 315 V8.

"For the first time in the history of our company the turbo six and V8 engines were designed in parallel,” Mr Barrett said.

He said the new FPV vehicles were inspired by the slogan – Revolution of the species.

And in a contradiction of Ford’s sales forecasts for its own V8 version of the FG Falcon he said that FPV expected to sell 71 per cent of its vehicles with V8 engines and 29 per cent with the potent 310kW turbocharged straight six.

FPV launches powerful F6

The range topping GT-E, with its subdued looks and European inspired styling will sell for $76,990, while the cheapest model in the range will be the F6 Ute at $57,990.

The GT-E , which offers a ‘subtle palette’ of colours was described by Mr Barrett as the performance car that will be “heard but not seen”.

He said this was the car for the successful businessman who wanted performance but no the GT warpaint.

Under the bonnet will be the new Boss 315 V8 engine, while the car will have standard 6-pison Brembo brakes and n the inside there is splashes of dark walnut woodgrain trim.

For those who want to make their performance aspirations ore obvious there will be the GT and the GT-P, both offering very in your face overt styling including the bold graphics already seen on the front of the cars.

All the cars have DSC, Ford’s electronic stability program, as standard including the Pursuit and Super Pursuit utilities.

Mr Barrett said the FPV range would go on sales through its 78 dealers from June and while he refused to be drawn on project sales numbers, he was expecting to sell “more” than the 2100+ vehicles sold in 2007.

FPV F6 Range








FPV Utes