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by George Skentzos

Honda Australia has made a strong debut in the Rally of Canberra, finishing in 5th place overall on Day 1 with a specially prepared Civic Type-R.

Unfortunately it was the close-ratio six-speed gearbox in the Civic which let the team down, forcing its retirement on Day 2 of the rally.

The Civic Type R they had been racing was purpose-built by JAS Motorsport and is powered by a Mugen DOHC 2.0-litre engine pumping out a phenomenal 186kW from its naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine.

Honda Civic Type R Rally Debut

Managing Director of JAS Motorsport, Mr. Alessandro Mariani said, “We are frustrated with the failure of the transmission which prevented the Civic from achieving an impressive result in its Australian debut. However, we enjoyed the experience and are very committed to the next Australian event.”

Honda Civic Type R Rally Debut

Not deterred by this result, Honda is set to return in the Melbourne rally this October – and rightly so, the Type R looks brilliant on the dirt!