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by Tim Beissmann

Greenpeace has launched intergalactic war on Volkswagen in an attempt to encourage the automotive giant to do more to reduce its vehicle fleet’s CO2 emissions.


Greenpeace also believes Volkswagen is guilty of ‘greenwashing’ its fleet (giving a false impression of its environmental credentials), particularly with the high price of its BlueMotion vehicles.

It’s not all negative from Greenpeace, however. The environmental crusader believes Volkswagen can do much better, and has called on it to stop lobbying against the EU’s energy laws and publically support its targets, commit to making more significant CO2 reductions, roll out BlueMotion vehicles across its entire fleet, ensure the next Volkswagen Golf consumes less than 3.0 litres/100km on the combined cycle, and set out a plan to make its entire fleet oil-free by 2040.

To make up your own mind on the issue, you can read the full report here.

Then feel free to let us know where you stand in the comments section below. Should Volkswagen be doing more to reduce its emissions, or has it been unfairly targeted by Greenpeace?