Chinese government road inspection images go viral

Government officials from China’s Sichuan province have been forced to apologise for one of the worst official Photoshop efforts of all time.
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The Huili county government in southwest China posted a number of images of three officials inspecting a new road in the region on their website.

The problem was, the images all had a few things in common: the men were pictured in very similar stances, and more often than not they appeared to be levitating.

Following an embarrassing amount of criticism, the government removed the images and issued an apology.

“A government employee posted the edited picture out of error,” it said.“The county government understands the wide attention, and hope to apologise for and clarify the matter.”

The strangest aspect of the whole matter is that the three officials did actually go to inspect the road. A photographer took real images of them looking at the new tarmac, but decided he was not happy with the originals and decided to spice them up a bit.

It didn’t take long for the internet to light up with parodies. This is one of our favourites.