Gordon Murrary Design T.27 electric car

Gordon Murray, the creator of the original McLaren F1, has unveiled what he he believes is the world's most efficient electric car, the Gordon Murray Design T.27. Using a building process called iStream, the T.27 is also one of the lightest EVs around.
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Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, the GMD T.27 tips the scales at just 680kg. This means it's extremely light, not just for an EV, but for any vehicle. Thanks to its lightness, and the 25kW lithium-ion battery-powered motor, Murray says the T.27 is able to accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 15 seconds. It may not sound electrifying, but some petrol cars can't even manage it in that time.

The project has taken Murray and his team around 17 months to complete, backed by a £4.5 million (around $6.76 million) government grant from the Technology Strategy Board. The electric motor and single-speed transmission was developed by a company called Zytec, an electronics specialist that also worked on the electric smart car.

Measuring just 2.5 metres in length, the T.27 is being pitched as a supermini city car which is modelled on Murray's original T.25 supermini. There's room for three people inside, including the driver, making it more accommodating than the REVA G-Wiz.

According to the specifications, the T.27's battery can be recharged in around 4.5 hours, bringing it to 80 per cent capacity. The range is then rated at around 160km.

It's not all concept and 'look what I've made' though. Murray hopes to see the GMD T.27 on the market in around two years' time. He says prices would be around the £15,000 mark (around $22,500), which isn't including the government subsidy on electric car purchases, which shaves off £5000.

The car will make its public road debut at England's RAC Future Car Challenge event on November 5. The challenge involves driving from Brighton to London, around a 97km trip, using as little energy as possible.