Joss Developments Limited has revealed a teaser image of the all-new, all-Australian Joss JP1 supercar which will be unveiled at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne on Friday.
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It's been a long wait for the Joss JP1 to finally emerge, but it may be some time yet before it hits the road. This rendered image shows what the car will look like once it does hit showrooms.

Taking inspiration from the 'textbook of supercar design', the JP1 showcases a very low and sleek body with a short overall roof height and bulging wheel arches. The wheels themselves are large, too, while the cabin is cocooned in a dome-like fashion.

From the front we can see the JP1 might feature a carbon fibre splitter along the entire edge of its chin. This will help direct air up and over the car, providing downforce and extra grip at high speed.

The headlights showcase a modern look presented in an L-shape design, while the single front grille takes care of most of the car's air intake for cooling. There also appears to be small ducts on each side which would likely provide air to cool the brakes.

Joss hasn't revealed official specifications of the car yet, but the company has previously mentioned it would feature a mid-mounted V8 producing around 373kW of power. The unit will be matched to a six-speed manual transmission and, thanks to its proposed overall weight of 940kg, will sprint from 0-100km/h in around 3.0 seconds.

Look out for our full coverage of the 2011 Australian Motor Show live from Melbourne this Friday for all the details.