While BMW has just announced the M3 CRT, the lightened and fettled version of its M3 sedan, we've received notification that the M3 Sedan's days are numbered.
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A spokesperson for BMW told CarAdvice today that the M3 Sedan would end production in September this year, meaning anyone who wants four-door practicality but has a hankering for power, will have to put their order in very soon.

The M3 Sedan is a favourite here at the CarAdvice office, with its intoxicating blend of power and handling, while retaining the virtues of a genuine family car - decent size boot, four doors with enough room and brilliant quality (click here to read our review). As far as a driver's machine goes, it easily betters the Lexus IS F and the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG.

M3 Coupe production will cease shortly afterward the sedan, in preparation for the next generation 3 Series, and rumour has it that the current V8 will be dropped, making way for a highly-efficient turbocharged six-cylinder. If so, the V10 derived V8 gave us some great memories...and sounds.