It was previously thought the all-new Maserati SUV would feature a Ferrari engine of some sort as part of the Maserati/Ferrari Fiat ownership. The new SUV will now do without the Ferrari powerplant in favour of a Chrysler HEMI V8.
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Yep, some all-American grunt. Since the new SUV will be built upon the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee platform under the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has reportedly said the new vehicle will borrow the 6.4-litre HEMI V8 from the Jeep as well.

Power is expected to be somewhere near the 347kW mark. Even though Maserati certainly has the capability to come up with such figures using its Ferrari-derived 4.7-litre V8, the engine is considered to be too high-revving for the large SUV, and needs something with more low-end torque.

It won't share much else with its American counterpart though. The flash Maserati will showcase plenty of luxury and elegance and typical Italian flare. The interior will likely be decked out in voluptuous lashings of leather, while the exterior will grace Maserati's latest design philosophy with large rear 'hips' and an aggressive front end.

The Maserati SUV is set for production sometime in 2013. It will be built at Chrysler's Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit, US.