An angry dog in New Zealand was captured over the weekend after he chewed through the tyres of two police cars and an animal control services truck.
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Bruno, a seven-year-old mixed-breed from South Auckland, started his tyre-shredding rampage on a stationary police car in Mangere.

The officer drove away from the dog to change the tyre, and when he approached again Bruno chewed through another one.

A second patrol car suffered a similar fate, as did the animal control truck.

After tearing through four tyres, Bruno was finally captured. He is currently in the care of animal control services.

His owner, 75-year-old Fay Gock, told the New Zealand Herald Bruno’s behaviour stemmed from an accident that occurred more than six years ago, when he was run over by a truck.

“He would have a go at their tyres because it was the tyre that ran him over. The tyre has registered in his memory,” Ms Gock said.“Unfortunately we didn't have our dog boxed up at the time they said it happened.”

Animal control services will continue to hold Bruno until his owner agrees to keep him in a 3m x 3m run, behind a 1.8m-high fence.