US government officials and car makers are currently discussing fuel economy targets for the period between 2017-2025. An agreement as low as 4.2L/100km could be in place by 2025.
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A group of state governors, members of Congress and 15 former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrators publicly asked the White House to set a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirement of less than 4L/100km by 2025. This could mean a reduction of six percent per year.

According to reports, Michigan’s Congressional delegation has been meeting with White House officials to discuss future CAFE targets. Of course, automakers and dealers want to push back targets conjured up by the EPA. No official target number or outcome was announced after the meetings.

Last Wednesday, some administration officials apparently had talks in Washington with Detroit automakers and came up with a figure of 4.2L/100km (56mpg). Respective heads of staff of the United Auto Workers were also informed of the meeting outcomes.

An official meeting is set to take place in September this year, and will reveal the official CAFE requirements. The meeting also hopes to come up with a plan to blanket the requirements nationwide, instead of states like California having separate regulations, which is currently the case.