2013 BMW 7 Series facelift spy shots

BMW has been spotted testing a prototype version of the facelifted fifth-generation BMW 7 Series on German streets. The revised model will receive slight changes to the exterior design, some changes to the interior, and a hybrid powertrain option.
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From the front we can see the new model will get a new line of LED lights along the top of the headlights - as seen by the little holes in the black camouflage covering. It will also get new indicator-mounted side mirrors.

The lower front bumper bar is also expected to be redesigned over the current model, incorporating new ducting in the lower front corners. Temporary cover plates conceal what the vents will look like underneath, but they could showcase the same, slightly more aggressive styling of other new BMW vehicles.

This is the third year of production for the current BMW 7 Series platform. The facelifted version is expected to feature an ActiveHybrid powertrain - as evident by the badging on the rear of this test mule.

With rival models from Mercedes-Benz and Audi coming out with extensive fuel-saving measures for their top-spec models, such as the new four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it's only natural BMW will release a super-efficient model as well.

From the back, the upgraded 7 Series will also feature a revised rear bumper bar design and new taillights with different moulds and reflective shapes within the light cluster. Likewise, the interior of the new model will be revised slightly over the current model.

The 2013 BMW 7 Series is likely to hit the showrooms sometime next year. We'll keep you updated on the official details as soon as we can.