2007 Lexus IS250 five star safety rating

Sometimes I really wonder about these safety ratings, seems like most new Japanese cars are doing really well with safety, specially those from Toyota, Subaru, Honda and even the locally made Mitsubishi 380. So it was no surprise that the Lexus IS250 was awarded the highest rating of five stars, for driver and passenger protection in Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) tests.
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So what does it take to get a five star safety rating? Well it all starts with airbags, how many? Eight airbags as standard and including world-first twin-chamber airbag technology. The Lexus IS250 has a new twin-chamber SRS front passenger's airbag and driver and front passenger's SRS knee airbags. The front passenger's airbag is designed to lessen the impact of airbag deployment on the front-seat passenger. In addition to the eight SRS airbags, IS250 Sports Luxury has a breakthrough Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS).

You might be wondering if all these new techno gadgets actually do anything useful? Well the pre-tension technology has been around, but the Lexus version activates under 3 different scenarios

  1. the inter-distance ECU determines a collision is unavoidable;
  2. the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and electronic braking ECU determine that emergency braking has been applied;
  3. the vehicle is understeering or spinning.
2007 Lexus IS250 five star safety rating

The car also comes with an advanced V shape to create a depression in the centre of the airbag upon deployment and better distribute physical impact to the shoulders and upper torso. Both the driver and front passenger airbags are designed to deploy in two stages according to the extent of the accident impact.

Although these days it seems like everyone is getting a five start safety rating, the IS250 was amongst only 2 others (Subaru Tribeca and the new Mercedes-Benz B Class) to get the 5 star rating.

"We are pleased that manufacturers are responding to ANCAP's call for a full airbag package in new vehicles,'' said NRMA vehicle safety expert Jack Haley.

Curtain airbags are usually not standard equipement on many models these days but Lexus has a point to prove, Lexus wants to be the best in everything, they set out to defeat Mercedes and BMW in their own game of Luxury, Reliability, and Safety and so far they have done an amazing job!

Its good to see that a great deal of people take safety into consideration when purchasing a new car. Its really simple actually, the difference in driving a car with traction control and one without can mean the difference between going sideways into a tree or regaining control of your car! It doesn't matter how good of a driver you are, you can always do with more safety features!