Ferrari FF launches in Germany

With enough de-restricted speed zones throughout Germany’s network of high-speed autobahns, I suppose it comes as no surprise that it’s also the most important market for Ferrari in Europe.
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It also happens to be the second largest in terms of worldwide sales, and the reason why the Italian embassy in Berlin played host to the launch of the new 12-cylinder supercar.

This was the official debut of the FF in the German market that accounts for an amazing 10 percent of the total production from Ferrari’s factory in Maranello.

Ferrari Boss and Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo and the Italian Ambassador Michele Valensise as well as foreign ministers and 250 Ferrari owners attended the high profile gala event on the 17th June.

For those of you that may not have shared in the love for the styling of the two-door four-seat Ferrari hatch, the entire production allocations for this year and for most of 2012 have already been accounted for.

Ferrari site the car’s extraordinary versatility, namely the patented 4RM system that allows the car to drive in icy conditions or snow covered roads as well as plenty of room for skis and bags in the back.

I’ve got to be honest, while there have been better looking Ferraris over the years, not to mention the current 458 Italia, the FF could well find a spot in my Lotto winning garage based on that unique combination of supercar performance and versatility.

If you had the resources, would you buy a Ferrari FF?