A Melbourne-based design team has drawn inspiration from the classic 1960s Holden HK Monaro to create the HSV of the future. Well, kind of…
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Local design studio Hassell has unveiled its A-HSV (Australian High Speed Vehicle) concept: a 400km/h bullet train designed to meet Australia’s future environmental, economical and social transportation requirements.

The concept is the team’s response to the ongoing national debate over the future of long-distance transportation in Australia.

Hassell says the A-HSV could complete a trip between Melbourne and Sydney in less than three hours, making it a viable alternative to flying.

The A-HSV would be a safe, low-carbon mode of transport between Australian capital and regional cities. Hassell says it would emit an average of 4kg of CO


per 100 passenger km, compared with 14kg by cars and 17kg by aeroplanes.

The double-decker carriages would be versatile enough to facilitate spacious, open-plan commuter seating, or private sections for business meetings and luxury travellers.

Hassell says the A-HSV could be a solution to many of Australia’s future transportation issues by:

“Removing the reliance on air and private vehicle travel to in-turn reduce carbon emissions, providing shorter travel times to regional cities under pressure from population growth and urban sprawl, reducing transport-related congestion, opening up housing choice and affordability, and increasing national productivity.”

The concept comes just a few weeks out from the Federal Government’s release of a $20 million feasibility study into a national high-speed rail network, which is due in July.

What do you think of the concept? Do you see any HK Monaro in it? And more importantly, do you think Australia is ready for a bullet train system, and would you use it once it was up and running? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.