Driving a Porsche increases your chances of having a short-term sexual relationship with a woman but is likely to have a negative impact if you are looking for something more serious.
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That’s the official word from a joint study by three universities in the US, which involved nearly 1000 test subjects, analysing women’s attitudes towards flashy purchases.

Lead author of the report and assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas San Antonio, Jill Sundie, said men who were interested in short-term sexual relationships with women would often flaunt flashy products to charm potential mates.

“This research suggests that conspicuous products, such as Porsches, can serve the same function for some men that large and brilliant feathers serve for peacocks,” Ms Sundie said.

The researchers said women found a man who purchased flashy items (like a Porsche) more desirable than the same man who purchased non-luxury items (like a Honda Civic).

However, while the Porsche owner was more desirable for a date, he was not a preferred marriage partner. Women inferred flashy purchases meant the man was primarily interested in uncommitted sex.

“When women considered him for a long-term relationship, owning the sports car held no advantage relative to owning an economy car,” said assistant professor of psychology at Rice University, Daniel Beal.“People may feel that owning flashy things makes them more attractive as a relationship partner, but in truth, many men might be sending women the wrong message.”

On the flipside, the researchers found that women don’t behave in the same manner and don’t make obvious purchases with the intention of attracting men.

“Obviously, women also spend plenty of money on expensive things,” Ms Sundie said. “But the anticipation of romance doesn't trigger flashy spending as it does with some men.”

What do you make of the report? Guys: Is a Porsche the ultimate car if you’re after a quick fling? And girls: Are Porsche drivers really only after one thing?

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