Zenvo ST1 50S - 932kW supercar for US only

Danish supercar company Zenvo has teamed up with its US distributor Red Sea Distribution to come up with a special edition model specifically for the US market. Called the Zenvo ST1 50S, the car boasts an insane 932kW engine.
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The Zenvo ST1 has been around since 2009, but it's been a fairly quiet achiever since its debut, mainly due to the fact that only 15 units were produced. And even if you had the money at the right time, Zenvo had to approve customers before any purchases were made.

It's one of the most dramatic looking and most powerful production cars available, yet most aren't even aware of its existence. This 50S version is sure to get the name onto the map though.

Powered by a tweaked version of the same 7.0-litre supercharged and turbocharged V8 engine, the ST1 50S produces a truly terrifying 932kW of power (up by 109kW), and a head-hurting 1500Nm of torque.

Provided you're able to feed in the right amount of power to get it off the line, Zenvo says 0-100km/h sprints can be dealt with in under 3.0 seconds, while the only thing holding it back from taking off at high speed is the 375km/h speed limiter.

Zenvo will produce just three units of the 50S, one in Intense Red, one in Crystal White and one in Mediterranean Blue. Prices will start at $1.8 million. The car will also come with a $49,000 ASPEN Zenvo watch, in case you're feeling a little short-changed.