GPS satellite navigation maker, TomTom, could become an original equipment manufacture (OEM) option for certain car companies. A senior TomTom official has announced various deals between manufacturers are being sorted.
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The company has seen a fall in the number of sales of personal, hand-held style devices in the past couple of years, which the company says is partly due to the financial crisis and the increasing popularity of mobile phones that come with built-in sat-nav applications.

Wolfgang Reelitz, VP for automotive sales at TomTom recently told Reuters,

"We are negotiating with several car makers on end-to-end solutions as well as certain components of this. We expect to gain more market share going forward with our value proposition which, we can say, have redefined a little bit the market."

Mr Reelitz gave no mention of what specific car companies were being lined up, only saying that Mazda products are scheduled and should be ready for shipment by the end of June. This, and help from previous deals with Renault, has helped put TomTom in the current market as the third largest supplier to manufacturers, behind Becker and Bosch.