2012 Volkswagen Passat CC spy shots

Volkswagen has been spotted testing the facelifted version of the Volkswagen Passat CC in high-altitude regions of Europe. The new model is expected to wear Volkswagen's new design language at the front and rear.
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Volkswagen's latest design philosophy has been critcised by some for being too conservative and even a little bit boring. The facelifted Passat CC will be an important model in the Passat line-up, and it will need to separate itself from the outgoing range.

This test mule is wearing black covering over the front and rear, completely concealing the new look. It is expected to feature a similar layout to the new Passat sedan and wagon though, showcasing a more clean-cut design with the four-tier centre grille setup.

The rear of the existing Passat CC uses very different taillights compared with the new and just-superseded model Passat sedan, showing a more curvaceous and bulgy rear profile. This new CC is likely to feature a completely different design again to the new Passat sedan range.

Other changes include new alloy wheels and an updated interior layout. The new CC is also likely to get the range of revised engines which offer improved efficiency over the outgoing units, like the new Passat sedan and wagon launched earlier this year.

It appears Volkswagen is testing the new CC while under load, touring up and down some of Europe's alpine areas. Seen here towing a rolling dynamometer, the trailer can provide further electrical load and resistance on top of the gravitational pull of the steep mountain roads. This kind of testing really loads up the engine and can provoke detonation and pinging. It can also bed in the piston rings of a new engine really quickly.

The facelifted Volkswagen Passat CC is expected to be revealed at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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