Subaru, for perhaps the first time, has been spotted testing its version of the Toyota FT-86 sports coupe project at Germany's Nurburgring.
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Although there’s been a range of rumours going around claiming that Subaru is not going to develop its own version of the Toyota FT-86/FR-S, according to our spy photographers this test mule is proof such a car will exist in Subaru’s future lineup.

From these spy shots, which show a virtually identical prototype as the Toyota mule spied about a month ago, it's hard to know for sure that this is the Subaru version. However, there is one discreet clue which gives it away.

According to our photographers, who have a great attention to detail, it's all down to the numberplates. The 'MZ' plates are apparently owned by Subaru and mean the car comes from Subaru's test centre near the Nurburgring.

Unfortunately, there's no indication of what sort of running gear there is behind it, or specific engine details. Some reports say it will adopt a rear-wheel drive layout just like the Toyota, while Subaru itself has said it will not be building a rear-drive car in the foreseeable future. Maybe Subaru is planning on bringing out a sports 'STI' all-wheel drive version of the Toyota coupe?

Only time will tell, and a long time at that. The entire project isn't set for production until around 2013. We'll keep you updated though.