Men and women say Audi drivers are the sexiest

Both male and female motorists find Audi drivers the sexiest on the road.
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A survey of 2000 motorists conducted by UK insurance comparison service found that 31 percent of women believed male Audi drivers were the most attractive, while 21 percent of men rated female Audi drivers hotter than all others.

Male BMW drivers (25 percent) were the next most popular for women, while the second choice for men was female MINI drivers (14 percent).

On a similar theme, the survey found that 47.5 percent of UK men have had sex in their cars, while almost 30 percent of women admitted to enjoying a ride in the back seat of their car.

That said, UK motorists are much more likely to fight with loved ones in their cars, with 63 percent of women and 60 percent of men admitting to arguments behind the wheel.

Perhaps related, men are more likely to sleep in their cars (42 percent vs 29 percent of women), while women are more likely to eat in theirs (76 percent vs 73 percent of men).

When it comes to parking, 63 percent of UK women admitted to forgetting where they had left their car at least once. Forty-three percent of men admitted to the same short-term car park memory loss.

An overwhelming 78 percent of women have run out of petrol, narrowly ahead of the men at 69 percent. However, if you do need your car filled in the UK, it’s probably safer to get a woman to do it, with 14 percent of men admitting to filling up with the wrong fuel, compared with just eight percent of women.

But how does Australia compare? What brand of car driver do you find the most attractive? And are you guilty of any of the other car-related crimes? Let us know in the comments section below.