Volvo has launched a new smart phone application which is able to connect to the owner's of new Volvo cars remotely. Users can then locate their car via the sat-nav and phone maps, and also sound the horn, unlock and lock the doors and illuminate the lights.
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It's not the first of such technology in the automotive industry though, Ford US has the SYNC system and GM has OnStar, but Volvo says the new app is more comprehensive and is more accessible to Europeans.

The application, able to connect with 2012 model year Volvos, is not only capable of finding the owner's car using a map display on the phone, but also send instant alerts to the owner if the car's anti-theft alarm is activated.

It even goes further than that. Say if you're planning to take your Volvo to work one day but wonder if you have enough fuel in it, the connection is able to provide details about the car's fuel level, average fuel consumption and anything else that uses the car's on-board computer.

The app is connected up to the Volvo On Call system as well which is able to notify for road-side assistance and, in the event of an accident, activate the automatic collision notification system for help.

The application is free and is available for iPhone and Android phone users living in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

But what do you think; is this taking connectivity a little too far, would you trust the technology?