What really grinds yours gears while behind the wheel? Motorists who fail to give way, or cut you off? Petrol prices? Distracted drivers talking or using a phone perhaps? According to an American poll, slow drivers are the number one annoyance while out on the road.
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US motoring publication Motor Trend recently conducted a poll which asked readers of its Wide Open Throttle blog and Facebook and Twitter followers what factors really ticked them off while driving. Here are the results:

1. Being stuck behind slow drivers – 43.5 percent
2. Inattentive drivers texting and talking on cell phones – 23.2 percent
3. Drivers that do not use indicators – 16.1 percent
4. Aggressive drivers cutting through traffic – 10 percent
5. Drivers who refuse to turn right on red – 7.2 percent

The interesting element this poll brings out though, as indicated by Motor Trend, is the fact that it appears US drivers are paying more attention to what other drivers are doing on the road. This causes them to be in a deep train of thought about something other than controlling their own car. Editor Angus MacKenzie said,

"It's clear many drivers are thinking about almost anything other than driving when they are behind the wheel, to the irritation of others on the road. Poor situational awareness and a lack of concentration are probably the real cause of the majority of road crashes today."

Are American drivers and different to Aussie drivers though? Feel free to tell us about your greatest pet peeves while behind the wheel in the comments section below.