According to official May 2011 VFACTS records, Honda has fallen out of the top ten sales for the first time this year. However, Honda is expecting a full recovery of its plants in Japan in the next two months, much sooner than the previous recovery forecast of November/December, which could help Honda get back on track.
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With plants back in full swing, Honda sales might improve in the coming months, not just in terms of Australian sales, but worldwide.

Like many other Japanese companies, Honda suffered serious damage to its plants in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami devastation. Now the company has announced it is aiming to have its plants up and running by August.

Both of Honda's only Japanese manufacturing plants in Sayama and Suzuka were damaged by the floods on March 11, and a number of its major supply chains also suffered. Honda spokesman Keitaro Yamamoto recently explained the recovery was coming along much faster than expected.

"Suppliers are making progress in restoring operations beyond our expectations. So we now see an earlier-than-expected recovery for our production as well."

Honda production in Japan decreased 81 percent in March compared with the same time last year due to the earthquake. International Honda production around the world also dropped 44 percent during the period.

Honda had to relocate about 1000 of its workers after the quake, but is hoping to have them back on location at Honda factories half way through this month.