MINI Cooper S by Vilner inspired by Bentley

Bulgarian customiser Vilner has taken an unusual approach in tweaking the MINI Cooper S.
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Generally, a customiser will say they are taking a beautiful creation and making it even better. Vilner has not been so kind to the MINI.

“Anyone who has driven a Mini knows that the interior of this roofed cart is too plastic for an exceptional car,” Vilner said in a statement.“Vilner has to prove that the Mini's plastic crate may turn into a really luxurious salon.”

The result is a creation to rival the Rolls-Royce-designed ‘MINI Inspired by Goodwood’ luxury edition of the MINI Cooper hatch.

The interior is fitted with brown Nappa leather – the same that is used by fellow British luxury manufacturer Bentley – and Vilner says it gives the MINI the same smell as a modern Bentley.

Two tones of Alcantara are also used throughout the cabin, with Bentley rhomb pattern used across the seats and ceiling liner.

Even the rear view mirror gets the full leather/Alcantara treatment.

The doors are lined with black leather, and the sections of original plastic that remain have been sprayed with a sparkling grey finish.

On the outside, Vilner has gone for more of a “hooligan” appearance. Matte black replaces all the chrome elements from the standard MINI Cooper S and extends to the roof, racing lines and ‘01’ numbering on the doors.

Vilner is yet to announce a price for its customisation package, although with the similar MINI Inspired by Goodwood edition rumoured to go for around $77,500, fitting out your Cooper S Vilner-style is likely to be rather costly exercise.

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