Speeding? You're gonna get a flogging!

Even though we have tried hard to dismiss the Speed-Kills myth here at CarAdvice, we must count ourselves lucky, because at least in Australia all we can get is a speeding ticket, few hundred dollar fine and possibly a loss of license, not so for motorists residing in Iran.
Iranian Police
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New rules passed by the Iranian government now give authorities the power to sentence drivers caught driving dangerously to 74 lashes or several months in jail, Iran's traffic police chief says.

"Drivers who commit dangerous acts will be referred to court for harming public order and the court can sentence violators to three months to a year in jail or 74 lashes, their vehicles will also be seized for a week,' Mohammad Rouyanian was quoted as saying by the Kayhan newspaper.

Seems a little extreme doesn't it? Although with the oil rich nation's road toll being one of the worst in the world (100,000 over the past five years), perhaps it might just be the incentive dangerous drivers need.

The biggest causes of accidents, according to Iranian police, are speeding and overtaking on the wrong side of the road. The country has recently eased restrictions on the import of foreign cars and the rich and wealthy have found a desire for luxury cars and SUVs.

Despite the harsh new laws, many believe it's simply to deter bad drivers. Other crimes which will get you flogged include theft and adultery, although in reality it has been used infrequently in the past.