Mazda Ryuga Concept & Mazda Tribute HEV

Mazda make beautiful cars, alright, so maybe with the exception of the Mazda 3.. and Mazda 2, but who can call the RX-8 and the MX-5 ugly? If only other Japanese manufacturers would take a few design lessons from Mazda, I think Japanese cars would look a whole lot better.
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So Mazda has been working hard, and.. exactly right now at the 2007 North American International Auto Show, Mazda is showing of the Mazda Ryuga.

Mazda really loves to talk up its design concepts. Mazda says that the Ryuga builds on Mazda's concept of flow. Nagare - Japanese for "flow" -- debuted at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show and introduced the company's new design future. Ryuga - Japanese for "gracious flow," will reflect a higher level of sophistication achieved through the use of rich fabrics, engineered fits and hidden details. Mazda says that the Ryuga is elegant and refined, but with spirit and edge, portraying unique Japanese beauty.

"Ryuga is Zoom-Zoom defined, It combines vibrance, confidence, fun and youth all in one ingenious package." said Laurens van den Acker, Mazda's global design director.

Also today, Mazda is showing off a far more immediate and real, look into its future, the 2008 Mazda Tribute HEV. This HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) will be the first of many advanced-technology vehicles dedicated to clean air that Mazda will sell to the public in the next few years. It seems that in the race for alternative automotive energy sources, the Japanese and Europeans are leaving the Americans and Australians in their dust.

Mazda Tribute HEV

Mazda claims that the Tribute HEV is one of the least-polluting vehicles on the road. However, power is not compromised as with a combined power output of its gasoline engine and electric motor of 155 hp (116kW), despite the power the Tribute HEV meets strict Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEVII) and Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) standards in California - the strictest emission regulations a gasoline-fueled vehicle can meet.